Belarusian Hajun: Military activity on the territory of Belarus on January 7-8

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Starting today, the Belarusian Hajun changes the form of our monitoring of military activity. Now we will publish all the most important events as short reviews the next day (the review for Saturday and Sunday will be published on Monday).

Belarusian Hajun: Military activity on the territory of Belarus on January 7-8

Military activity on the territory of Belarus on January 7-8 / Belarusian Hajun

Land movements of troops

Insignificant movements of columns of the Russian Armed Forces were recorded. For example, single vehicles were observed in Homel, Minsk, Hrodna, and Vitsebsk. A large column (20 vehicles) was also recorded moving between Baranavichy and Minsk.

There were insignificant movements of the Belarusian Armed Forces as well. Single vehicles were spotted in Homel, Luninets, Brest, and Mazyr. The transportation of Buk systems of the 120th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade was recorded in Baranavichy.

Movements by rail

Active movements of the Russian Armed Forces by rail, mostly within the territory of Belarus, were recorded. For example, Russian military cargo trains were recorded on the following routes: Asipovichy-Homel (152-mm Msta-S howitzers), Kalodzishchy-Barysau (APCs, BMPs and trucks), Baranavichy-Brest (trucks and APCs), Zhodzina-Barysau (tanks). Trains loaded with military equipment were spotted at Liasnaya station (Baranavichy district), Homel-Pasazhyrski and Asipovichy-1 station.

We should also mention a military train loaded with vehicles, which most likely went from Baranavichy (through Kalinkavichy and Homel) to Russia. It is possible that the possible transfer of the train to Russia is a rotation of the mobilized, who have completed military training at the Belarusian training grounds. Also, a troop train, which could have delivered 700-800 servicemen, arrived in Vitsebsk from Russia.

Aviation activity

It was reported on training flights of the Belarusian Air Force at Baranavichy airfield. On January 8, 12 helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived at Machulishchy airfield to conduct training: Mi-8, Mi-24 and Ka-52. 2,5 hours after the information about the arrival of helicopters was published by the Belarusian Hajun, it was confirmed by the Belarusian Ministry of Defense. Also, a military transport IL-76 aircraft arrived at Machulishchy airfield, and a passenger Tu-134 of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived at Baranavichy airfield.

General conclusions

According to the available information, Russia is not yet accumulating its troops near the border with Ukraine. At the same time, the movements of the Russian Armed Forces by rail indicate a deliberate attempt to mislead and confuse about further plans of the Russian military group, which is located in Belarus.

Changes in the numbers of the Russian Armed Forces in Belarus:

Arrived in Belarus:

  • Aviation — 12 units of Mi-8, Mi-24 и Ка-52 helicopters
  • Personnel — 700-800 people

Left Belarus:

  • Military vehicles — 28 vehicles (being clarified)
  • Personnel — 480-730 people (being clarified)
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