Soldiers of the 120th Brigade went to train at the airbase where MiG-31K are based

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На русском языке: Военные 120-й бригады поехали учиться на аэродром базирования МиГ-31К
На беларускай мове: Ваенныя 120-й брыгады паехалі вучыцца на аэрадром базіравання МіГ-31К

Recently we reported that servicemen of one of the units of the 120th Separate Guards Mechanized Brigade of the Belarusian Armed Forces went to receive combat training with instructors at one of the training centers in Russia.

In its report, the Belarusian Ministry of Defense didn’t mention the location where the soldiers went and where exactly they would be trained.

However, as Belarusian Hajun found out, they were taken to Savasleyka airbase (Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Russia), where a branch of the 4th State Center for Training of Aviation Personnel and Military Tests of the Ministry of Defense of Russia is located.

Soldiers of the 120th Brigade went to train at the airbase where MiG-31K are based

Route of the military of the 120th Brigade flying for training to Russia / Belarusian Hajun

The route to the destination point was the following:

  • At 09:55 on August 31, the soldiers took off from Machulishchy airfield on board the Il-76MD of the Belarusian Air Force (EW-005DE), which recently received the name “Brest Hero Fortress.”
  • Later, the plane landed at Kubinka airfield (Moscow oblast, Russia).
  • From there, the plane flew to Savasleyka airbase.

After that, at 20:15, the Il-76MD of the Belarusian Air Force (EW-005DE) returned to Belarus and landed at Baranavichy airfield.

It’s also interesting that MiG-31K aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces are based at Savasleyka, they flew there from Machulishchy in 2022 and 2023.

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