Lukashenka: Military doctors will go to Syria if they want to

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Aliaksandr Lukashenka commented on the possible sending of Belarusian servicemen to Syria. The news about the instruction by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on the negotiations and the signing of the relevant agreement appeared yesterday. Lukashenka called it a fake. According to him, military doctors can go to Syria if they want to.

«Yesterday there was another fake that the Russian government allegedly decided to send our military to Syria. It was news to me. You understand that this is impossible without the president under current laws. But I didn’t send anyone there. The only thing that was discussed (it has been going on for a long time) is that the Syrian leader, the Syrian government asked us to help with doctors. I say: well, if someone of our doctors wants to go, primarily the military, they will go. But not now. Because we have our own problems more than enough now. This so-called pandemic is not over. The flu is spreading in Minsk. Therefore, in this situation, we cannot even help the Syrians with doctors. Although there are no active hostilities there, but anyway,» Lukashenka said.

Lukashenka stressed that he could not send the military to Syria when the incidence of respiratory infections is increasing in the country.

«Okay, we will send the military to fight there … We have nothing to do there. I emphasize once again: if they need doctors – we will help. Only on a voluntary basis. But after we have the tension in our hospitals decreased. No, they begin to say: «The Russian government has made a decision.» We talked to the Russian government that if we send someone there, then Russia will support us. If there is a hospital, it is desirable that we work with the Russians, they have a lot of experience. That’s the whole question,» Lukashenka said.

However, yesterday we wrote that the military was sent to Syria. In particular, it is known that military doctors of the 432nd Main Military Clinical Medical Center of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus were sent there for a year in the autumn of 2021. According to sources, now there are not only Belarusian doctors, but also soldiers who serve there under contract at the Russian military base.


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