Belarusian-Polish border was tried to cross more than 12,000 times in a month

Straz Graniczna
1 mins

На русском языке: За месяц беларусско-польскую границу пытались перейти более 12 000 раз
На беларускай мове: За месяц беларуска-польскую мяжу спрабавалі перайсці больш за 12 000 разоў

The Polish Border Guard reports that since the beginning of October, more than 12,000 attempts to cross the Polish-Belarusian border have already been prevented. For comparison, for the whole of 2020, 122 people were detained who tried to illegally cross the border with Poland.

Over the past day, border guards registered 633 attempts to cross the border outside the checkpoints from Belarus. 32 migrants were detained, including 30 from Iraq and two from Syria, the rest of the attempts were prevented.

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