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На русском языке: 21 мая в Беларуси День политзаключённого
На беларускай мове: 21 траўня ў Беларусі Дзень палітвязня

On May 21, 2021, Vitold Ashurak, a political prisoner from Biarozauka, died under unknown circumstances in Shklou colony No. 17. Vitold who was one of those who restored the monument to the rebels of 1863, and thanks to him it became known that political prisoners in the colonies were forced to wear yellow tags, like the Jews during the nazi occupation.

«Dzikaye Paliavannie» called the names of those involved in Vitold’s death, and the Alliance of Investigators of Belarus found out that the cause of his death could have been a head injury.

Viasna human rights activists declared May 21 as the Day of Political Prisoner in Belarus. On this day they called to honor the memory of Vitold and express solidarity with the Belarusian political prisoners, who are already 1204.

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