Zimbabwean Parliament denies existence of an agreement for the supply of fire trucks from Belarus

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На русском языке: Парламент Зимбабве отрицает существование соглашения на поставку пожарных машин из РБ
На беларускай мове: Парламент Зімбабвэ адмаўляе існаванне пагаднення на пастаўку пажарных машын з РБ

The parliament of Zimbabwe said they had no documents confirming the existence of an agreement for the supply of fire trucks from Belarus.

This is reported by Reform.by, citing the publication Newzimbabwe. Last week we wrote that Aleksandr Zingman’s company wanted to supply $32 million worth fire trucks to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean journalists found out that July Moyo, the local government minister, had obliged local authorities to purchase Belarusian-made MAZ fire trucks at the inflated price – $464,296 per truck.

ZLHR (Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights) sent requests to the government, parliament and the Chief Secretary of the Zimbabwe President asking for documents on the procurement of fire trucks from Belarus.

In response to the letter, Kennedy Chokuda, the clerk of parliament, said that the parliament had no documents relating to the government-to-government agreement, procurement costs and payments.

“Kennedy Chokuda, the clerk of parliament, has disclosed that parliament is not in possession of “any documents” such as the government-to-government agreement between Harare and Minsk and the total cost of the equipment and quantities ordered, payments to date and parliament’s approval of the government-to-government agreement as required by Section 327(3) of the constitution,” ZLHR said.

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