«I couldn’t see for an hour»: media found a boy who was blown with smoke into his eyes

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На русском языке: «Я не мог видеть час»: СМИ нашли мальчика, которому дули в глаза дымом
На беларускай мове: «Я не мог бачыць гадзіну»: СМІ знайшлі хлопчыка, якому дзьмулі ў вочы дымам

The German tabloid Bild managed to  find a child who was blown with smoke into his eyes to cause tears. Belarusian propagandists also took comments from him for their stories.

According to the publication, the boy’s name is Redost Akhmad, he is 14 years old, he came to the border with his father Hardy Akhmad and several brothers. The family hails from Sulaymaniyah, a city of 1.6 million people in the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq. The boy flew to Belarus on a Belavia flight from Istanbul to Minsk.

«First we were in Minsk, and before that until April in Erbil (Kurdistan), and then in Turkey, in Istanbul. We came to Belarus from Istanbul. We stayed in Turkey for seven months, after which we came to Belarus»,– Redost said.

On Monday, the boy got into several videos, in one of which he tried to communicate with Polish border guards. He speaks good English, so he was chosen to communicate with Polish services. In the video, he told them: «We don’t want a fight. We are immigrants, our government is killing us, they are killing everyone. Why should we go back? I don’t have money, everyone is hungry».

The boy also  gave a comment to the propagandist Alexey Golikov, but according to the publication, Redost didn’t even know who it was. Later, the video appeared in which cigarette smoke was blown into his eyes to cause tears. Redost explained that when he tried to talk to Polish border guards, they used pepper gas, which hit his eyes and they blew smoke to relieve symptoms.

It is noteworthy that in some countries of the Middle East it is believed that blowing cigarette smoke into the eyes neutralizes the tear gas and, thus, brings relief to the victims.

«I’m not going to give up. Yesterday, the Polish police were attacked by a man who wanted to get into Poland. Then the police used violence against us. I wanted to talk to the police and they used pepper spray on me. I couldn’t see for an hour and my younger brother couldn’t see for three hours. He cried a lot. But I don’t refuse to go to Germany. I want a safer and better life. I just want to come to Germany. I love people in Germany, I love everything in Germany. But I can’t come because the police in Poland won’t let us go»,– Redost said.

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