Voskresensky is banned from entering Ukraine until 2024

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На русском языке: Воскресенскому запретили въезд в Украину до 2024 года
На беларускай мове: Васкрасенскаму забаранілі ўезд ва Украіну да 2024 года

Last night, Yury Voskresensky was sent back on the border with Ukraine when he was heading to Kiev. According to ATN, he is banned from entering the country until 2024. Why Voskresensky went to Kiev has not been reported yet. Details are promised to be reported in the evening on the BT TV channel.

In 2020, Yury Voskresensky collected signatures in support of Viktar Babaryka, after the elections he was detained on charges of organizing mass riots and imprisoned in the KGB detention center. However, after his early release, Voskresensky said that Lukashenka had instructed him to develop amendments to the Constitution, and organized the so-called «Round Table of Democratic Forces», which does not enjoy wide support.

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