Latvia will close one of the border crossings with Belarus

Updated: September 19 2023 15:03
3 mins

На русском языке: Латвия закроет один из погранпереходов с Беларусью
На беларускай мове: Латвія закрые адзін з памежных пераходаў з Беларуссю

According to the order approved by the Latvian government today, September 19, Latvia suspends the work of the border crossing Silene on the Belarus-Latvia border. The reason for the closure of the checkpoint is «to ensure the inviolability of the state border and prevent threats to the state connected with illegal migration.»

At the same time, the border crossing Paternieki will continue its work to allow cargo transportation, urgent trips related to work, for humanitarian reasons, and due to force majeure.

Updated (15:03). The State Border Committee of Belarus claims that there was no official notification from Latvia about the closure of the border checkpoint Silene. The checkpoint Urbany (from the Belarusian side) continues its work.

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