Lawyers are not allowed to the detainees in the Zeltser case for more than a month and stuff isn’t transferred

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На русском языке: К задержанным по делу Зельцера больше месяца не пускают адвокатов и не передают вещи
На беларускай мове: Да затрыманых па справе Зэльцэра больш за месяц не пускаюць адвакатаў і не перадаюць рэчы

At the moment, it is known that 136 people are in Zhodino prison because of comments in social networks on the case of Andrey Zeltser. Lawyers are not allowed to visit them for more than a month and basic necessities are not transferred.

Lawyers can’t get to the defendants, in Zhodino packages are not transferred. You can not even transfer a tooth brush, pads for women or underwear. It is also forbidden to transfer correspondence. And the money that comes to the account of the detainees, too, can not be used. Parcels are returned marked «not allowed».

We remind, on September 28 the security forces broke into one of the apartments on Yakubovskogo, 29. Its tenant Andrey Zeltser, a 32-year-old employee of EPAM Systems, met them with a shot from a hunting rifle and was mortally wounded in response. Dmitry Fedosuk, the KGB officer with the call sign «Nirvana», also died from his wounds. After that, about 200 people were detained for commenting about the deaths of Andrey Zeltser and KGB officer Dmitry Fedosuk.

After that, 136 people were detained for comments in social networks about the shootout on Yakubovskogo. Criminal cases were opened against them under Art. 130Intentional actions aimed at inciting other social enmity or discord on the basis of other social affiliation») and Art. 369 («Insulting a representative of the authorities and his relatives in connection with the performance of his official duties, committed in information posted on the global computer network Internet»).

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