Lithuania won’t ban Belarusians from obtaining citizenship and buying property?
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На русском языке: Литва не будет запрещать беларусам получать гражданство и покупать недвижимость?
На беларускай мове: Літва не будзе забараняць беларусам атрымліваць грамадзянства і набываць нерухомасць?

The Committee on National Security and Defense of the Lithuanian Seimas has updated the bill on the establishment of restrictive measures in relation to military aggression against Ukraine.

According to the BNS, now the bill excluded:

  • Restrictions on the purchase of property in Lithuania by citizens of Belarus;
  • Restrictions in obtaining Lithuanian citizenship for Belarusians. Now this restriction applies only to citizens of Russia.

«Restrictions on obtaining citizenship and residence permit for citizens of Belarus are also excluded from the bill. They will remain for the Russians,» the BNS website says.

At the same time, Delfi writes that Committee members also supported the proposal to delay the entry into force of the restriction on the issuance of residence permit for Belarusians until July 1, 2023.

And that the proposal not to limit the acceptance of citizenship applications from Belarusians and Russians was rejected. Although BNS reports that the citizenship restriction won’t apply to Belarusians.

Delfi also writes that Thursday will be the last time Parliament will vote on the submitted laws. Although consideration of the bill XIVP-2496(2) is removed from the agenda of the Lithuanian Seimas meeting on March 30.

Thus, the versions of the two media are fundamentally different.

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