Lukashenko has only one aircraft left in Minsk

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На русском языке: В Минске у Лукашенко остался только один самолет
На беларускай мове: У Мінску ў Лукашэнкі застаўся толькі адзін самалёт

There are 3 aircraft in Lukashenka’s fleet, but the Boeing 737-800 (EW-001PA) flew to Dubai this morning (most likely for scheduled repairs), and the Gulfstream G550 (EW-001PJ) has been in Moscow since August 11. It turns out that only boeing 767-300 (EW-001PB) remained in the fleet.

Lukashenko’s smallest aircraft, the Gulfstream G550 (EW-001PJ), was gifted to him by longtime friend Mikhail Gutseriev. But since August 11, the board has been in Moscow and does not fly anywhere. It is possible that Lukashenko returned Gutseriev’s gift.

And Boeing 737-800 with registration number EW-001PA today at 7:32 has departed from Minsk National Airport, and at 13:22 the board landed at Dubai Airport. Most likely, the plane flew away for a routine technical inspection.

The last time this board passed maintenance inspection exactly a year ago, not in Dubai, but in Germany. Then the representative of the company Lufthansa Technik denied the information about the refusal of workers to carry out maintenance.

All three aircraft came under British sanctions in August.

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