Lukashenko met with Gutseriyev in Aleksandriya on the weekend

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На русском языке: Лукашенко на выходных встречался с Гуцериевым в Александрии
На беларускай мове: Лукашэнка на выходных сустракаўся з Гуцэрыевым у Александрыі

According to MotolkoHelp, yesterday morning a business jet (RA-02786) with Mikhail Gutseriyev on board arrived in Orsha from Moscow.

We recall that Orsha airport is located 11 km from Aleksandriya village, where Lukashenko was this weekend, and he came back there after his visit to Homiel.

Gutseriyev spent a day in Belarus and left Orsha 30 minutes ago.

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