Migrants at Belarus-Poland border. Day 9. Online

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На русском языке: Мигранты на беларусско-польской границе. День 9. Онлайн
На беларускай мове: Мігранты на беларуска-польскай мяжы. Дзень 9. Анлайн

The editors of motolko.HELP CONTINUE TO MONITOR THE SITUATION ON THE BELARUSIAN-POLISH BORDER, WHERE MIGRANTS ARE ON THE NINTH DAY. Yesterday, Belarusian security forces allowed migrants to enter the Bruzgi border crossing point, where they spent the night. ONLINE IS CONDUCTED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: THE LATEST NEWS WILL BE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

10:37  — Some migrants are preparing to return to Iraq. On November 18, the Iraqi authorities will organize an evacuation flight from Belarus.

12:01 — Migrants at the border began throwing stones and bottles at Polish security forces. They’re breaking the fence. The Poles use gas.

12:20 — At the border the distinct sounds of gunshots are heard. Apparently, the Polish army used stun grenades. A helicopter is flying along the fence.

In addition, the Poles use water cannon. At the same time, individual migrants don’t stop throwing stones at the Polish army. This is what the situation looks like with a drone.

And this is how it looks like from the Polish side.

11:33 — Almost all migrants left Bruzgi border crossing point, where they spent the night.

Migrants at Belarus-Poland border. Day 9. Online

12:47 – Migrants throw logs at polish security forces

13:27 — The situation near the border crossing Bruzgi. Migrants crowded in front of the border crossing, from Belarus they are «propped up» by a detachment that doesn’t allow them to go deep into Belarus. From the Polish side, a water cannon is watering because several people have gotten through the border crossing close to the Polish border.

13:39 — Video of the clash of migrants with Polish border guards in the border crossing of Bruzgi.

14:02 — One of the Polish policewomen was wounded

Polish police reported a stone thrown by migrants hit her in the head. Probably skull bone is broken.

This is what the border crossing point looks like after the fight.

Migrants at Belarus-Poland border. Day 9. Online

14:15The Ministry of Defense of Poland has declared that today’s attack is carried out under strict control of the Belarusian security forces. The video shows one of them standing near migrants who are throwing stones towards Poland.

15:00 – Migrants are leaving the Bruzgi checkpoint and return to the tent camp.

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