Soldiers from different Belarusian cities have been brought to the border for a month
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На русском языке: На границу уже месяц свозят солдат из разных беларусских городов
На беларускай мове: На мяжу ўжо месяц звозяць салдат з розных беларускіх гарадоў

Today, Lukashenka said that the Belarusian side has not deployed "a single squad, not a single company - the military - there, at the border". However, we have information that this is not the case and his words are lies. Since military personnel from various military units have been located at the Belarusian-Polish border for more than a month.

Sources of report that paratroopers, soldiers of internal troops, border guards and officers from various military units from different cities of Belarus are brought to the Belarusian-Polish border. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of Poland has several times reported on provocations with migrants at the border, which, according to their information, involved Belarusian security forces. In particular, today, the Polish department reported that the Belarusian special services armed migrants with stun grenades.

According to information received by from several sources, it is known that since October 25, units of the 5th separate special forces brigade, which are based in Mariyna Gorka, have been at the border. It is reported that conscripts and reservists of this brigade were seconded to Military Unit 92616 — the 38th separate guards air assault brigade (is a part of the Special Forces of the Republic of Belarus) and sent to the border in the Grodno region. It is worth noting that it was officer Roman Gavrilov, an employee of the Brest Special Forces,  who shot protester Gennady Shutov in the back of the head after which he died.

«In the Grodno region there are paratroopers from Brest. In the field, they live near the border. It is near the accumulation of migrants. From the armed forces, there are servicemen of the Special Forces military unit 89417, Mariyna Gorka, and military unit 92616, Brest«,–the sources say.

In particular, Stanislav Zaryn, the press secretary of the Minister-coordinator of the special services of Poland, published a video where it is clear that the Belarusian security forces are in the so-called «fence detachments» and don’t allow migrants deep into Belarus.

Soldiers from different Belarusian cities have been brought to the border for a month

Belarusian military, presumably a special forces soldier, at the border / MON_GOV_PL

In addition, there is information that employees of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus from military unit 5526,Brest, were sent to Bruzgi checkpoint for two weeks. And also, it is reported that the military from Grodno, Slonim and Minsk were seconded to the border region.

— «2 companies of infantry battalion from the 6th Brigade of Grodno, one about a month ago, the second company –this week»;
— «A company from Grodno has been sitting in the woods at the border for more than a month. The rest are all prepared to strengthen the border, there are reviews almost every day»;
— «One company was sent from the military unit in Slonim to the border, a couple of days ago»;
— «Signalmen who are near Minsk, today at 5 were supposed to be taken to the border, but at the last moment it all was canceled. Everyone’s on standby»;
— «The border guards who in Minsk, contract soldiers, left for 2 weeks on a business trip».
– «The 927th Center for UAV Aircraft (Berioza) is on board. Some of the officers — near Bruzgi, another part — in the district of Brest».

If you know anything about the movement of units of the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus towards the border with the EU (with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia) or Ukraine — please write to us to @motolko_bot

Perhaps you or your friends / relatives who serve now, have such information, or wrote somewhere that they were sent from the usual place of deployment to another — please write too. Also, if there are photos / videos (including not for publication) — please send.

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