Nayev claims that Russia has withdrawn all its troops from Belarus. Belarusian Hajun doesn’t confirm it

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На русском языке: Наев заявил, что Россия вывела все свои войска из РБ. «Беларускi Гаюн» это не подтверждает
На беларускай мове: Наеў заявіў, што Расея вывела ўсе свае войскі з РБ. «Беларускi Гаюн» гэта не пацвярджае

Commander of the United Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Serhii Nayev said that Russia has withdrawn all its troops from Belarus and transferred them to the Kupyansk direction.

«Currently, the Russian ground component has been fully withdrawn from Belarus and is in the reserve of the joint group of Russian troops, whose units are conducting an offensive in the Kupyansk/Lyman direction,» Nayev said.

Belarusian Hajun confirms that there’s been a significant reduction in the number of Russian military in Belarus, but the complete withdrawal of troops is out of question. Indeed, since early July, there has been a liquidation of field camps of the Russian Armed Forces at the Obuz-Liasnouski, Lepelski, and Asipovichski training grounds.

At the same time, the Russian military continue to be stationed in Belarus at:

  • Mazyr airfield (Vialiki Bokau);
  • Ziabrauka airfield;
  • Baranavichy radar station;
  • the 43rd Vileika communication center.

At the moment, Belarusian Hajun estimates the number of the Russian Armed Forces only at the above-mentioned locations at about 2000 people.

In addition, as we have repeatedly written, CSTO drills Combat Brotherhood-2023 will be held in Belarus on September 1-6. More than 2500 servicemen will take part in the drills, about 300 of them will be from Russia, and some of them have already arrived in Belarus.

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