Photographer Uladz Grydzin was sentenced to 13 days of arrest

Photo: Radio Svaboda
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The former photojournalist of Radio Svaboda Uladz Grydzin was detained on February 4. The trial of journalist has begun today, February 7.

Judge Tatsiana Palulekh of the Frunzenski district court of Minsk sentenced him to 13 days of arrest under Article 24.3 of the Code of Administrative Offences «Disobedience to a lawful order or request of an official during the performance of his official powers.»

The photographer was accused of the fact that on February 4, 2022, during a search in his apartment on Ihnatouskaha Street, he allegedly «did not let police officer of the Minsk City Executive Committee Sazonov into the apartment.»

The policemen had a search warrant issued on January 24. The case file also contains a resolution to conduct a search in criminal case No. 201 21 11 02 02. This is a big case that is under the management of the Investigative Committee of Minsk. The mentioned case is related to «mass riots», there are about a thousand suspects in it.

According to relatives, Uladz hasn’t made contact since Friday afternoon, February 4. They found out that Grydzin had been arrested and was being held in the temporary detention center on Akrestsina. Relatives went to his house and saw signs of a search: things were scattered around, garbage was on the floor, there was no laptop and camera. There was a freshly glued sticker with lawyer’s phone number written on it on the doors of the room and on the entrance of the apartment.

Uladz Grydzin worked as a photojournalist for Radio Svaboda, until on August 29, 2020, the authorities deprived him and three other journalists of accreditation. In September 2020, Grydzin was detained while performing his journalistic duties and served 11 days in temporary detention center on Akrestsina.

Uladz is the winner of the Belarus Press Photo contest, his pictures were published by world agencies and mass media.

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