Security forces initiated about 5,5 thousand cases for «protest activity» in 2021

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More than 87 thousand crimes were registered in Belarus last year. Security officials note that this is much less than in 2020. At the same time, there were more than 5 thousand cases for protest activities. 2,5 thousand people have been wanted since Belarus became independent. Almost half of them were put on the wanted list in 2021.

Earlier, the association of hackers published a recording with a voice similar to the voice of Aliaksandr Barsukou, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, who gave the command to pay less attention to crimes on domestic grounds (the main headache for the system). After the elections, the main efforts were focused on crimes related to mass protests, and an intensified fight against extremism and terrorism was added in 2021. So there was a redistribution of specialists and benefits for the work done.

87,7 thousand crimes were registered in Belarus in 2021, over the previous five years the figures are: in 2020 – 95,5 thousand, in 2019 – 88,4, in 2018 – 83,8, in 2017 – 86,3 thousands.

The number of crimes in the line of criminal investigation has decreased: murder, grievous bodily harm, car theft, fraud, extortion, theft. However, the number of serious and especially serious crimes has increased by more than a quarter, especially in the areas of drug control and combating human trafficking. The growth was also influenced by changes in the Criminal Code, when the terms of responsibility for » protest» articles increased — for resistance to security forces, violence or threat of violence against security forces and other officials.

For the first time in five years, the number of registered cybercrimes has decreased. Meanwhile, about 5,5 thousand crimes of «protest orientation» were registered.

The causes of crime in Belarus have not changed for decades: alcoholization of the population, family and household problems, a high level of recidivism of crime and the negative impact of previously convicted people.

There were questions about the actions of migrants in the country. But the security forces do not see the problem. The Ministry of Internal Affairs notes that despite a significant increase in the number of foreigners, the situation in the field of migration control was safe, stable and manageable, and the number of crimes committed by foreigners even decreased last year. The authorities ignored citizens’ requests to bring migrants to justice for illegal logging in the border zone. The storming of the border from the Belarusian side and the damage to the infrastructure of the border checkpoint also remained without a legal assessment.

The number of road accidents has decreased: 3,333 cases were registered last year, in 2020 — 3,599, in 2019 — 3,567, in 2018 — 3,399, in 2017 — 3,418. Over the past five years, approximately 10% of accidents are caused by drunk drivers (this is more than 300 people), last year there were slightly fewer such facts – 282 (8.5% of all accidents). As before, the number of victims in road accidents exceeds the figure of 4 thousand people, more than 500 die every year.

Source: Nasha Niva

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