The Kremlin wants more Belarusian students in Russia and more Russian universities in Belarus

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На русском языке: Кремль хочет больше беларусских студентов в РФ и больше российских ВУЗов в Беларуси
На беларускай мове: Крэмль хоча больш беларускіх студэнтаў у РФ і больш расійскіх ВНУ ў Беларусі

Last week, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, speaking at the strategic session “On the development of humanitarian interaction with Belarus,” said that the Kremlin has plans to expand the network of branches of Russian universities in Belarus and to open an educational cluster of the so-called “Union State.”

He also claimed that it’s important for Russia to increase the attractiveness of studying in Russian colleges and universities for Belarusian applicants.

It’s remarkable that this statement was made amid reports about the possibility of introducing mandatory work after graduation for fee-paying students in Belarus [they will have to work in the organization chosen by the university for several years; now only students studying for free are obliged to do so – ed.]. It’s obvious that the Kremlin will make efforts to make young people go to study not in Europe, but in Russia.

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