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According to information of the monitoring group of the Belarusian Hajun project, today, December 13, 2022, three MiG-31K fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived in Belarus.

The time of entry of the Belarusian airspace:

  • 15:06reg.number RF-95194;
  • 15:11reg.number RF-92445;
  • 15:20reg.number RF-92215.

Three MiG-31K of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived in Belarus

Photo of MiG-31K of the Russian Aerospace Forces with reg.number RF-92445 dated 2015 before its modernization to K modification / OneSpotter

All the three MiG-31K are heading to the military airfield in Machulishchy.

These aircraft can carry Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic ballistic missiles and can launch them at a range of 2000 km.

На русском языке: В Беларусь прилетели три МиГ-31К ВКС РФ
На беларускай мове: У Беларусь прыляцелі тры МіГ-31К ВКС РФ

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