Visa centers in Minsk, Homel and Mahiliou stopped accepting documents for humanitarian visas to Poland
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На русском языке: Приём документов на гуманитарную визу Польши прекратили визовые центры Минска, Гомеля и Могилева
На беларускай мове: Прыём дакументаў на гуманітарную візу Польшчы спынілі візавыя цэнтры Мінска, Гомеля і Магілёва

The  telegram channel «Posmotri, brekhnyareported on Monday that a number of visa centers stopped issuing humanitarian visas to Poland. Today this information was confirmed by

The consular department of the Polish Embassy in Belarus told the publication that visa centers in Minsk, Homel and Mahiliou stopped receiving documents for humanitarian visas.

Now it is possible to apply for a visa only at visa centers in Brest, Baranavichy and Pinsk. In addition, Belarusians who have evidence that they were subject to repression can write an e-mail to the Minsk consulate – these applications will be reviewed individually.

When asked about the reasons for the reduction of application locations, the office said: «This is a decision of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is difficult to comment on that. But we are reducing the number of diplomats and staff, and therefore the number of accepted documents is also slightly reduced.»

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