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На русском языке: Умер Владимир Макей
На беларускай мове: Памёр Уладзімір Макей

Vladimir Makei died

This was reported by BelTA state media.

It is interesting that the news about the death of the Minister of Foreign Affairs is ordinary for the state media. It was noticed by Euroradio:

BelTA’s Telegram channel published a post about (sorry) Dzermant immediately after the post about the death [of Vladimir Makei – ed.], though it’s lower on the website. The culturologist Vadzim Mazheika gave an accurate commentary:

«You can give your life, honor and conscience to working in Lukashenka’s system in one of the main roles, but your obituary will be deep below the meeting with regional agrarians, even below the calls to ensure the profitability of businesses, and on the same level as fog, sleet and icing.»

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