Priest Uladzislau Zavalnyuk became a janitor at the Red Church

Nasha Niva
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На русском языке: Ксендз Владислав Завальнюк стал дворником в Красном костеле
На беларускай мове: Ксёндз Уладзіслаў Завальнюк стаў дворнікам у Чырвоным касцёле

The Roman Catholic parish of Saints Simon and Helena published photos of the priest clearing the snow on the territory of the closed Red Church, the publication Nasha Niva drew attention to it.

«Our provost – priest-canon Uladzislau – is experiencing not only «black» days, but also «white» days…» the parish wrote.

Earlier, priest Uladzislau Zavalnyuk wrote an application to the Parish Church Committee with a request to allow him to look after the territory of the Church of Saints Simon and Helena.

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