Opinion. Artyom Praskalovich on the Ministry of Justice, Slizhevsky and whether 80% is visible

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На русском языке: Мнение. Артем Проскалович о минюсте, Слижевском и том, видно ли 80%
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. Арцём Праскаловіч пра мінюст, Сліжэўскага і тое, ці відаць 80%

Artem Praskalovich, who for 12 years was engaged in rulemaking in the Ministry of Justice and the Presidential Administration, in his Telegram channel talks about the activities of Oleg Slizhevsky and where the 80% of support for the current government is. Here are his words unchanged.

It is possible to evaluate the activities of Oleg Slizhevsky as Minister of Justice in different ways. And it isn’t for sure that you won’t have to evaluate his efforts in a higher position. Although usually, if you’re raised not immediately, then it’s unlikely to ever happen.

It’s clear that he was only a pawn in a system. A member of the CEC (to which he still remains and seems to be able to replace Yermoshina). No indulgences to lawyers, public associations.

At the same time, under him, the Ministry of Justice began to look more solid. People in general continued to be snooped, especially if they were from obvious dissenters, but working conditions and the atmosphere of corporate spirit in general tried to raise, pulled their employees to positions, and did not look for them on the side. They found funding and sources for the growth of this funding…

In any case, he was a fairly «military» civilian official. The execution of orders is unquestioning, the requirements for employees are strict, the discipline is strict.

And the latest sweep of the sphere of advocacy and non-governmental organizations is the brightest demonstration of devotion to the course of the party.

The result is a replacement for a real enforcer.

The result- junta continues to build a defense

Because it is very difficult to contain the onslaught of 10% of the dissenting population for a year and a half.

And the people after all the repression are also preparing for the next offensive. There is no way to convince them of bright future that is about to come at the behest of our similar to the Sun leader. And 80%, who are for you, still don’t come out in a single impulse to the central squares of agro-towns with protests against the actions of the collective West and unruly IT specialists.

Well, congratulations to my former colleagues on their new leader. Soon we will hear about the readiness of bailiffs, notaries, lawyers, archivists, rule-makers and employees of registry offices to use weapons against their fellow citizens.

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