Opinion. «Belarusian Order» оn a political fraud, or Yurik’s adventures

Illustration: the Belarusian Order telegram channel
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На русском языке: Мнение. «Белорусский порядок» о политическом мошенничестве, или о приключениях Юрика
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. «Беларускі парадак» пра палітычнае махлярства, або пра прыгоды Юрыка

The Telegram channel «Belarusian Order» published a post in which they told about the attempts of Yuri Voskresensky to establish contacts with Ukraine. Here’re their words unchanged.

The other day, one ‘mistake’, which by coincidence began to call himself a politician, was banned from entering Ukraine. I’m writing about Voskresensky not because he is a significant figure or has influence within the system. His epic is a clear demonstration of how the regime is trying to play imitation of representative politics, but it doesn’t turn out very well.

Fraud was observed from the very beginning, when for several months they brought bots to the channel (neatly at +100 subscribers a day so as not to get busted) and simply bought followers on Twitter. Then there were attempts to manipulate political hostages and double-trouble-party building at the auction.

The Ukrainian episode became the apotheosis of incompetence. This is the most open country, where having several phone numbers and not a lot of money, you can get to anyone and agree on anything. But they managed to screw up here too.

The entry point was Rada Deputy Yevgeniy Shevchenko. Remember there was a Ukrainian who met with Lukashenka and was on that TV as the evidence of the international legitimacy of the regime? So, in Ukraine itself, Shevchenko’s influence is about zero, and the only role he plays is manual opposition for the pro-Russian electorate in agreement with the head of the Presidential Office Yermak. In Ukraine, those can be purchased wholesale and retail, but for the regime it will do, to show that at least someone else is talking to him.

After being used by Lukashenka, the Ukrainian was introduced to Yura. Shevchenko, inspired by the meeting with the «president», offered his services as an intermediary in promoting to the Ukrainian political market. And after the voyage to the economic forum in Poland, Voskresensky went to Ukraine. On September 25, in the evening, Yura was seen in the Kyiv restaurant Vatra on Gorodetsky Street. Various questions were discussed, including the supply of electricity. However, they forgot that the local energy market was submissed by such people, with whom it is definitely better not to mess with.

Then there was the Kyiv International Economic Forum, where Voskresensky went allegedly at the invitation of Davyd Arakhamia, the head of the Servant of the People faction deputy. But I think Arakhamia will be very surprised when he learns that he called Lukashenka’s minion to Kyiv. Especially in those days when there was a war in parliament for the resignation of the Rada speaker and the appointment of a new one. Ruling a naughty faction and organizing the necessary vote will not do itself. So someone is blatantly lying, and most likely it’s not Arakhamia.

Then the trick with the forum. First, KIEF is far from the main investment event, the main forum in Ukraine is Pinchuk’s YES. Secondly, it needs an invitation, a ticket with priority pass costs two thousand dollars. So Yura was caroling, eavesdropping on conversations, and trying to start a conversation with serious people, such as the director of UIA. Who, when he realized who he was dealing with, quickly retreated. And so that no one would snitch on the «Belarusian politician», if they suddenly found out, he was accompanied by a guard provided by the same Shevchenko.

After leaving, Voskresensky began to loudly declare his «successes», picking a reaction of Ukrainian departments. It was quite natural — a ban on entry. Now Yura is pretending to be a victim of political persecution and is trying to fill a price in the Belarusian box, covering up the failure of his lobbying mission.

This is a simple example of what will happen to other regime attempts to play open politics. The tools of public policy degraded due to uselessness, only propaganda and violence remained. This will happen with constitutional reform, with the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly, with new parties, and with a controlled transit of power. There is no need to build illusions: such regimes cannot be transformed. They degrade to a certain point, and then collapse.

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