EPAM transfers all its work to foreign servers

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На русском языке: EPAM переводит всю свою работу на иностранные сервера
На беларускай мове: EPAM пераводзіць усю сваю працу на замежныя сервера

According to our information, EPAM employees have received a newsletter in which the company asks all employees to make sure that all their projects and tools for work are stored on foreign servers.

It is said that transferring of all technical processes will be completed within 2 weeks. This is done so that development teams could work even in case of a suspension of EPAM offices in Belarus.

Simply put, all the work of the company must be withdrawn from the country, so that even in the case of the arrival of security forces in the offices, they could not access the information.

It is also impossible to exclude that this is done so that in case of Internet shutdown in Belarus, work for foreign development teams doesn’t stop.

It should be noted that many IT companies in Belarus did a similar procedure a couple of years ago, after the arrest of Viktor Prokopenia in 2015. The second wave of transition of technical processes was in fall of 2020.


It is reported that the transfer to foreign servers is tacitly agreed only on domestic projects (the so-called BSS). Foreign servers are understood as the same EPAM servers at the disposal of EPAM, but now instead of the BY region they will have any other RU, HU and so on.

According to our sources, the transitionn is also being done to enable projects that are multinational (Belarusian-Russian-Ukrainian, and so on) not to be dependent on the political situation in the country. In addition, various confidential information is stored on the servers.

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