Who may be responsible for the murder of Vitaly Shishov in Ukraine?

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На русском языке: Кто может стоять за убийством Виталия Шишова в Украине?
На беларускай мове: Хто можа стаяць за забойствам Віталя Шышова ва Украіне?

The publication Reform.by published an investigation into the connections of the Belarusian activist Vitaly Shishov, who was killed in Ukraine. He could have been killed by the People of Korotkikh, who is behind Belarusian House in Ukraine and is associated with a dozen political murders.

Disclaimer: This is a summary from the text of @rfrm_io , we recommend you taking the time and reading the full material in link.

In October 2020, Vitaly Shishov left for Kiev and joined the chat of the Belarusian House in Ukraine, at the origins of which were Belarusian activists Vyacheslav Sivchyk and Elena Tolstaya. But, according to activists, in autumn there was a raider seizure of the organization.

Later, Vitaly Shishov and Rodion Batulin — a mixed martial arts fighter and adherent of neo-Nazi views, who is called a «cast iron fighter», became co-founders of the BHU. Batulin served in the regiment of the Azov National Guard, where his commander was Sergei Malyuta-Korotkikh nicknamed Botsman.

Who may be responsible for the murder of Vitaly Shishov in Ukraine?

To understand what kind of people they are, it’s worth saying that in July 2019, Korotkikh, Batulin and several other Azov members attacked the guard of ex-President Petro Poroshenko. In addition, Batulin is also called to be the guard of Korotkikh, «Botsman’s man».

Sergey Malyuta-Korotkikh - the patron of the BHU and the man responsible for hundreds of deaths

Legally, Korotkikh has nothing to do with the activities of the BHU, but the leaders and many activists of Belarusian House are quite closely connected with him.

Korotkikh served in the army of the Republic of Belarus, and later, he had studied at the KGB school for two years. In the early 2000s, he was a member of the Belarusian branch of the RNU, an ultra- nationalist paramilitary organization. In addition, he is suspected of working for the KGB and the FSB.

It is noteworthy that all the sources of the publication, who fought with him in the counterterrorism, refused to talk about him non-anonymously and describe him as a cruel and «terrible» person for whom there’s a trail of blood behind.

But no proofs of Botsman’s involvement in murders could not be found.

Perhaps the thing is that Korotkikh has influential patrons, the last of which was Arsen Avakov, the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Korotkikh may be involved in the deaths of Sheremet, Zavadsky, Byabenin and other Belarusians

Journalists have noticed ling time ago that Sergei Malyuta-Korotkikh «by a strange coincidence» is always next to resonant political murders.

For example, he is a friend and relative of the Almaz officer Valery Ihnatovich. It was Ihnatovich who was convicted of kidnapping cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky when he became too inconvenient for the Belarusian junta.

Other political assassinations and attacks where there is a connection to Korotkikh are worth mentioning:

  • Assault on Charter’97 leaders in 1999;
  • Murder of Samoilov, the Belarusian RNU leader;
  • Dozens of filmed murders of migrants in Russia;
  • Death of Aleh Byabenin, the founder of the website charter97.org;
  • A series of strange deaths of Azov fighters and other CTO volunteers;
  • Murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet;

BHU now: helping activists in return for services?

Representatives of the diaspora told Reform.by that they were concerned about the line between help and crime in Belarusian House.

In exchange for help with a residence permit, the organization obliged to participate in all actions organized by Belarusian House and Korotkikh. In addition, some Belarusian activists in return for help were involved in Korotkikh’s criminal schemes related to smuggling and illegal weapon trafficking.

Reform.by writes that after the resignation of Avakov, the affairs of Korotkikh deteriorated sharply and the loud death of a colleague is more into the hands of Botsman than to the detriment. It is also significant that Belarusian House immediately began to assume that Shishov was killed by the KGB.

But there is one detail: in June, when Shishov noticed the surveillance, Batulin advised him to report to the police. And then he said:

«So that when you were murdered, they wouldn’t say that it was Botsman who sent me. To make it clear to everyone that this KGB’s works»,– Batulin «joked».

You can read the full story here.

P.S. We have no reason not to believe the information of Reform.by. We don’t recommend you to seek help from the Belarusian House in Ukraine and somehow contact these people.

Zelensky said that he would take the case under personal control, but let’s remember that 5 years have passed since the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet occurred. Be careful!

Sergei "Botsman" Korotkikh charged with murders in Russia

Updated August 24, 2021

Known for his neo-Nazi views, Sergei Korotkikh, a public figure and one of the ex-commanders of the Ukrainian regiment Azov, became a defendant in a criminal case in Russia. He was charged in murders motivated by national hatred, reports Moskovsky Komsomolets with reference to the representative of the Basmanny court of Moscow.

Who may be responsible for the murder of Vitaly Shishov in Ukraine?

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation accuses Sergei Korotkikh — aka Malyuta, aka Botsman — of a crime under three paragraphs of part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. He is charged with the murder of two or more persons committed by an organized group motivated by racial, national, religious, etc. hatred.

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