Microsoft deprived Belavia of access to the entire package of Microsoft 365 applications

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На русском языке: Microsoft лишил «Белавиа» доступа ко всему пакету приложений Microsoft 365
На беларускай мове: Microsoft пазбавіў «Белавія» доступу да ўсяго пакета аплікацый Microsoft 365

The editors of found out that Microsoft has blocked the services of Belavia airline due to coming under sanctions. The editorial office has a copy of this document.

We are talking about blocking all Belavia accounts in the Microsoft 365 application package. In other words, Belavia was deprived of its license for access to: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, Yammer corporate social network, Microsoft To Do scheduler, Microsoft Stream service and dozens of other applications and services.

We should understand that there is simply no alternative to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Belavia, just like any other large company, could have tens of thousands of documents, summary tables. Finally, corporate mail with customer data and corporate messenger could also be on the Microsoft Teams service.

We remind that in June 2022, the U.S. Department of Commerce tightened export controls against Belavia for flying on Boeing aircraft in violation of the restrictions imposed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And back in 2021, the airline came under the EU and Swiss sanctions.

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