Nizkiz frontman Aliaksandr Illyin was convicted on January 10
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На русском языке: Cолиста Nizkiz Александра Ильина осудили 10 января
На беларускай мове: Cаліста Nizkiz Аляксандра Ільіна асудзілі 10 студзеня

It became known that on January 10, Nizkiz lead singer Aliaksandr Illyin was convicted in the court of Leninski district of Mahiliou.

Human rights defenders write that he was tried under Article 19.11 of the Administrative Code (distribution of extremist materials). The outcome is still unknown. This is the first trial for him, Euroradio writes.

We would like to add that Viasna reports that according to the schedule on the court’s website, different cases against Aliaksandr Illyin were considered in Mahiliou. This is evidenced by different case numbers: 08.01 – 141AP2458, and 10.01 – 141AP2496.

We recall that on January 6, it became known that three of the four members of the Nizkiz band were arrested in Mahiliou: Nizkiz frontman Aliaksandr Illyin, bass guitar player Siarhei Kulsha and drummer Dzmitry Haliaukin. The band members didn’t leave Belarus after 2020. They continued to live in Belarus, sometimes going to other countries on tour, but returning home.

On January 8, human rights defenders reported that the Leninski district court of Mahiliou considered administrative cases against the detained musicians of the Nizkiz band on 8 January. They were accused of «distribution, production, storage, transportation of informational products containing calls for extremist activity or propaganda of such activity». Human rights defenders assume that then all three were sentenced to administrative arrest.

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