«There is no pipeline from the oil refinery to Ukraine»: How the Russian Armed Forces refuel equipment in Belarus

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На русском языке: «Никакой трубы от НПЗ в Украину — нет»: Как заправляют технику ВС РФ на территории Беларуси
На беларускай мове: «Ніякай трубы ад НПЗ ва Украіну — няма»: Як запраўляюць тэхніку ВС РФ на тэрыторыі Беларусі

In recent days, the editors of motolko.help and the monitoring group of the telegram channel «Belaruski Hayun» have been receiving a large number of messages asking us to check whether «a pipeline from the Mazyr oil refinery to the Ukrainian border has been put.» People write that fuel will go from the refinery to fuel the Russian Armed Forces’ equipment right on the territory of Ukraine. Let us tell you: there is no such pipe, and the fuel is transported by fuel tankers. In addition, earlier, before the railroad was blown up, some of the fuel was brought by rail.

«There is no pipeline from the oil refinery to Ukraine»: How the Russian Armed Forces refuel equipment in Belarus

A message from a Ukrainian telegram channel with a request to verify the information about the pipeline from the refinery / motolko.help

As for the refueling of Russian Armed Forces fuel tankers, there are numerous confirmations that Russian military equipment is refueled right at the Mazyr Oil Refinery. Back in late January, we wrote about a possible «tapping» into the Zapad-Transnefteprodukt pipeline. According to unconfirmed information, the cut was going to be made in the Rechitsa district, and the fuel was to be transferred through a meter. It is known that taps into pipelines for refueling equipment have already been practiced during the «Zapad» exercise.

It is also known that there is a mass fuel dispensing hub in the forest near the refinery, where there are about 10 simultaneous refueling points. The hub was created to serve fuel tankers during wartime. At the moment it is in good working order and allows supplying equipment with fuel directly from the plant, but it is impossible to say for sure if it is used for refueling Russian troops.

As for jet fuel, which is used to fill fighter aircraft, fuel is brought in tanks by rail to the airfield in Baranavichy. In Belarus, jet fuel is produced by the Naftan oil refinery in Navapolatsk.

We recommend reading our article about where Russian troops are refueled on the territory of Belarus. And now let’s try to briefly answer a number of frequently asked questions about the pipeline from the refinery to Ukraine, which simply does not exist.

Q: There is a pipeline, it just hasn’t been written about yet. Isn’t it?

It is impossible to put a pipeline to the border with Ukraine not being spotted by residents of villages in the Naroulya district. The villages there are located in such a way that it is impossible to put a pipe unnoticeably.

Q: What prevents them from putting it past the villages?

This is impossible. Belarus is NOT a steppe zone, it is also impossible to put it unnoticeably because of the abundance of forests, especially given that this area is located  in the Palesski Nature Reserve. Construction would have raised the radiation level in the nearby areas (which did not happen). You can check the level of radiation here.

Q: There are special pipeline troops of the Russian Federation, which are engaged in the deployment of field pipelines to supply fuel and lubricants.

Pipes and special equipment had to be brought for such special operations. It is impossible to hide such a cargo, especially considering that before the Russian military exercises or invasion of Ukraine, there was nothing like that on the territory of Belarus. And our monitoring group has been monitoring the situation since January 2022.

Q: Well, fuel is somehow brought into Ukraine, maybe you didn’t notice it?

Yes, they mostly use fuel tankers that are refueled directly at the Mazyr refinery, as we wrote above.

Q: What about the movement of Russian equipment on the northern territory of Ukraine?

If that was the case, there would be no traffic jam of Russian equipment of 30 kilometers in Ukraine right now.

Q: How can the equipment move without fuel?

It barely moves not only because of the lack of fuel, but because batteries are dead without fuel, and some of the equipment is shot by Bayraktars.


Not just a pipe, but a pipe under good pressure is needed to provide the necessary amount of fuel for the equipment. Building such a pipe requires special equipment, cutting down trees and raising dust on the ground, which would not be unnoticed. There is no such pipeline in Belarus, otherwise deliveries to Ukraine would not be made by rail.

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