«This inhuman treatment of Belarusian citizens must stop»: The EU published a statement on the sentencing of Daria Losik

Nasha Niva
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На русском языке: «Бесчеловечное обращение с гражданами Беларуси должно остановиться»: ЕС выступил с заявлением о приговоре Дарьи Лосик
На беларускай мове: «Бесчалавечнае абыходжанне з грамадзянамі Беларусі павінна спыніцца»: ЕС выступіў з заявай пра прысуд Дар’і Лосік

A statement was published on the EU website regarding the so-called «trial» of Daria Losik, who was sentenced to two years in prison for an interview to Belsat.

The statement mentions both «shameful and politically motivated» verdict, which «Lukashenka’s regime repression against the people of Belarus,» and other political prisoners who must be immediately released.

«Almost every day there are new examples in Belarus of arbitrary and cruel sentences in political trials held behind closed doors. The repression by the regime of Lukashenko has reached an unprecedented level, with more than 1440 political prisoners, now affecting also the most vulnerable — children. This inhuman treatment of Belarusian citizens must stop,» the statement says.

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