Opinion. Zmitser Dashkevich on what needs to be done to prevent 1937 and 2020 from happening again

Maxim Mirovich
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На русском языке: Мнение. Дмитрий Дашкевич о том, что надо сделать, чтобы 1937 и 2020 годы не повторились
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. Зміцер Дашкевіч пра тое, што зрабіць, каб 1937 і 2020 не паўтарыліся

Zmitser Dashkevich, politician, public figure, former leader of the «Young Front», told on his Facebook page how Belarusians fought for Kurapaty and how the Night of Executed Poets arose. He also told what needs to be done to ensure that the horrors of 1937 and 2020 will never happen again. Here are his words unchanged.

I will wake up. In 2017, after the defense of the Kurapaty protected zone from development, we were inspired to come to the Tract on October 29 and remember the Night of the Executed Poets. Then about a hundred people gathered under a modest lantern and with a raspy loudspeaker — and even then it was heartfelt and touching, it was a mystery. Some activists laughed: who needs it, when the amount of people gathered there was even less than the amount of people shot that night. But in the following years we continued to fight for Kurapaty and honored the Night of the Executed Poets. Often because of insults, the reason for which was a lack of understanding of the Kurapaty essence for Belarus. And now #Nightofpoets is happening all over the world — Belarus is waking up.
“After all, until recently, many people thought that history was a coincidence: one — and accidentally Kurapaty happened, one — and accidentally people were tortured on Okrestina. However, nothing is accidental and nothing is out of nowhere – every action under the sky has its own cause and premise.”
The reason for what is happening to us today is the uncomprehending Kurapaty in the 90s. The reason for what happened in the 20s and 30s in Kurapaty is the rejection of God as the Creator of human life. Sometimes I argue with my beloved Anna Sevyarynets: she insists that salvation from the recurrence of the mistakes of history is in education; I insist that salvation is in who is the source of Life and Truth. I would even be brazen to say that this is an axiom, the proof of which is Nazism and Communism, the terror of which was supported by the most educated people of the time, thinkers and Nobel laureates. And today? Look at how many educated lawyers write false laws and imprison innocent people, how many educated teachers falsify elections and kick children out of school? After all, if there is no one who gives the standard of truth, then everything is conditional — everyone has his/her own «truth». After all, if there is no one who gave life to a person, then torment him, beat him, destroy the one who interferes with you — this is just a biological unit that monkeys will still breed.

My beloved non-believing fighters, now, under this terrible occupation, which is growing stronger every day, on these chilling iron bunk beds, in these black colonies with colored tags, we must turn to the Father, Who created man in his own image and likeness, Who gave this creature freedom and sacrificed His Only Begotten Son for this creation, so that whoever believes in Him, did not perish, but had eternal life.

If our people comprehend this and turn to heaven, the terror of 1937 and 2020 will never happen again on our exhausted land.

If people do not comprehend and if people do not apply, Belarus will go through the same thing from time to time, in different forms. Today we have life and death in front of us — and every day it is getting more difficult to interpret all of this as a metaphor. So let’s choose life so that Belarus hears Christ’s «She did not die, but she is sleeping! Girl, I tell you, get up!» — and Belarus, like that girl, wakes up.

To do this, pay your attention to the mystery «I will wake up» — for those who have not seen, it must be seen.

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