«My vote was stolen here». This is how Knowledge Day was held in Belarus

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На русском языке: «Здесь украли мой голос». Так в Беларуси прошел день знаний
На беларускай мове: «Тут скралі мой голас». Так у Беларусі прайшоў Дзень ведаў

It is believed that school should be outside politics, but when public policy penetrates the very fabric of life and overwhelms all segments of society, it is quite difficult to protect children from it. Over the past year, Knowledge Day has become one of the most politicized holidays in the Belarusian calendar. Some children on this day march along Victory Square with red -green flags, others write the same cherished wish on stickers – the president to be replaced in the country.

Many schools were decorated with the already traditional inscriptions «Here stole my voice» for the Day of Knowledge. Reminders of the falsification of the presidential elections appeared on the fences of Vitebsk schools №45, №8, №28, №33, №5 and gymnasium №8.

In one of the Minsk schools, children were given booklets «About a girl Marusya, whose mom and dad are the members of labor union». In the booklet, children are told in poetic form in Belarusian how wonderful it is to live when parents have joined the state labor union: «And it gives quotas to her parents for different benefits: in social direction, for treatment and for sports, for tourism and culture, so the people would be happy».

«My vote was stolen here». This is how Knowledge Day was held in Belarus

In some districts of Minsk, in honor of the Day of Knowledge, protest symbols appeared: the white-red-white flag soared over the school in the Lebyazhy microdistrict, at the entrance to another school there was a white-red-white flag painted on the paving slabs with the signature «Pahnie chabor», which in translation from partisan means «Long live Belarus!»

«My vote was stolen here». This is how Knowledge Day was held in Belarus

In the center of Minsk at Victory Square, a crowd of pupils with state flags was seen. Later it became known that it was a patriotic action «We stand at the post of memory».

"Within the event, an honorary memory watch was solemnly opened at Post №1 of the Hero City of Minsk in the 2021/2022 academic year",–the Minsk-Novosti agency reported.

In addition to pupils, the action was attended by Artyom Tsuran, the chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee , Natalia Proskurova, the chairman of the Education Committee and Anatoly Adoniev, the chairman of the Council of the Minsk City Organization of Veterans.

In the shopping center Stolitsa, on September 1, there was officialdom too: there was a huge national flag in the atrium, under which the choir lined up, singing the anthem of the Republic of Belarus. Apparently, it was an allusion to the Volny Chor, which sang protest hymns in shopping centers — Pahonia, Mahutny Bozha, Mury, risking to get at least to Detention center for their songs, and even in a criminal case.

In one of the schools of the capital, elementary school students were asked to write a cherished desire and hang it on the board. Here is a photo of this board: on two adjacent stickers, children ask the universe to replace the president in the country.

«My vote was stolen here». This is how Knowledge Day was held in Belarus

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