Former border guard exposed ONT TV channel fake about migrants’ crossing of the Polish border

ONT TV channel
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На русском языке: Бывший пограничник разоблачил фейк ОНТ о пересечении Польской границы мигрантами
На беларускай мове: Былы памежнік выкрыў фэйк АНТ аб перасячэнні мяжы Польшчы мігрантамі

Today, at the Belarusian-Polish border, a striking thing is happening. Armed border guards of Belarus led a large group of migrants to the border with Poland, calling it a reaction to the «indifference and inhuman attitude of the Polish authorities«. In the pro-regime telegram channels, a video of the ONT TV channel is shared, in which migrants allegedly cross the Belarusian-Polish border through a hole in the fence. became aware that this is a fake.

A source who served at the Belarusian-Polish border told us what was the fence in the video.

These guys «break through» at the site of the 5th border outpost named after the BRYU. In the video, they pass through the alarm complex «Zubr». It is clearly seen that the fiber optics (black cable above and below) was not cut, because there is a signal to the remote control of the duty officer at the outpost through it . Only the span of the «system» itself is neatly cut off.  Without the knowledge of the border guards, this is not possible. At the time of my delay, it would have been a republican-level emergency.

Former border guard exposed ONT TV channel fake about migrants’ crossing of the Polish border


«A fence with a hole is a Belarusian system, when it works, it is impossible to approach it by 2 meters. It is also worth paying attention to the cable that goes along it. It is some kind of «smart», recognizes who is suitable, animals or people, such cables began to be set ten years ago. And if people pass there, then it was turned off, in fact, this is a crime», – the sources say.

The source claims that the fence is located on the Belarusian side of the border and, bypassing it, the migrants got into the territory of the Republic of Belarus between the first engineering structure and the neutral zone. According to him, the distance to the border with Poland from this fence is about 300 meters. In the published video, you can also see that on the other side of the fence there are people who look like Belarusian border guards.

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