Lukashenka instructs government to respond to Lithuanian ban on transit of Belarusian potash

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Aliaksandr Lukashenka instructed the government to prepare retaliatory measures against Lithuania due to restrictions on the transit of Belarusian potash. He stated this today, receiving Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko and the leadership of Belaruskali.

«For example, if Lithuania does not want to let our cargo into the port and transship it in the port, well, this is their right. If this happens, Roman Aleksandrovich, it means that within a few days the measures that we agreed on with regard to Lithuania itself should be implemented. I just want Lithuanians to understand. Now these acute questions, grab everything and begin to blame me. I want to emphasize once again: we are not initiating any processes that would lead us to clinch with Lithuania, Latvia, Poland or Ukraine. We don’t need it,» he said, according to his press service.

Lukashenka also referred to his Friday speech. He did not specify the measures, but then there was talk of transferring all Belarusian cargo to Russian ports, banning the transit of Lithuanian carriers, etc.

«Moreover, I said on Friday: I don’t care much about saving face – not saving face … If they need to save face – let them come out and negotiate. We are ready to negotiate. But if they continue to put pressure on us, then we will use the plan that we have. So do not be offended later. And the peoples of Lithuania, Poland and other countries should understand that we are simply responding to these challenges,» he added.

He also noted that he would like to discuss sanctions with other industries.

«After the banking system, after considering how they work in these sanctions conditions, I would like to listen to how our enterprises work during this period, and how we work to find other ways to supply our chemical and potash fertilizers, bypassing, for example, traditional ports. That’s the gist of our conversation. And then I will ask Belavia and other companies to be ready to report together with the government on how they work,» he said.

Let us recall that Lithuanian government recognized the agreement of the Lithuanian Railway and Belaruskali for the transportation of fertilizers as inconsistent with the interests of national security. The decision served as the basis for the termination of the contract from February 1. The Belarusian company is trying to challenge the decision in court. Lithuanian Railways has not yet satisfied any application submitted for the transportation of Belarusian potash by other companies. Some of them are sent to the consideration of the government commission.


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